AHC Hydra B5 Sun Cream 50ml

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清爽不油腻,清爽乳液含维他命引导体和保湿胶囊粒子、像水分精华液一样润泽的紫外线隔离防晒霜 SPF50 PA+++ 、维他命是凝胶囊粒子、给皮肤传递充足的保湿感有效隔离紫外线的伤害


使用方法 :

皮肤基础护理后, 取适当量和均匀涂在暴露紫外线的皮肤上。

A moisturizing sun cream and makeup base with vitamin B5 that forms a protective barrier on the skin without sticky. Feeling to protect the skin against strong UV rays.

Skin appears perfectly sleek, luminous & youthful looking



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